Why should you join AMA|UAB? Membership in the AMA connects you to marketers across all specialties to collaborate, network, gain practical experience and empower your career. You’ll get industry knowledge and insights along with everyday resources that will help you in the classroom and beyond. Other benefits include:

  • Attend the International Collegiate Conference which is designed to provide the ultimate marketing experience, delivering advanced knowledge, leading edge practices and networking opportunities. Over 1,000 of the best and brightest undergraduate marketing students gather for three days of learning, networking, competition and fun at this annual event. The International Collegiate Conference held in New Orleans will be announced shortly.
  • Be involved with the local professional chapter. Joining the AMA|UAB automatically enrolls you into the Birmingham AMA (free of charge). The Birmingham AMA is made of local professionals who want to share their industry insight with college marketers. The Birmingham AMA hosts monthly educational lunches and quarterly mixers in which all AMA|UAB members are invited to attend. Networking with these local professionals could help you gain an internship or even a job after graduation.
  • Boost your résumé  Being a member of the American Marketing Association and participating in your local collegiate chapter provides the opportunity to manage finances, people, projects, and deadlines- all skills you will need as a marketing professional. Employers look for experience; participating in the professional development, community service, fundraising, and collegiate competition events can give you the edge over other job-seekers.
  • Access member-only content on, including the AMA College 2 Career Resource Center that provides students and young professionals with the resources (webcasts, podcasts, articles, whitepapers, etc.) that are critical in making a successful transition from life as a college student to life as a productive marketing.
  • Receive information from Marketing News and the Collegiate e-Newsletter. Marketing News is the official publication of the American Marketing Association and online access is included with your AMA Collegiate membership. The Collegiate Connection newsletter features articles from recent college graduates, industry updates, career development information and tips on chapter management.

How to Join:

  1. Pick up an application from Laura Tull in BEC 219B (or click to download an AMA Collegiate Application Form).
  2. On the “Local Professional Chapter Listings” section of the application, fill in the circle by Birmingham.
  3. On the “Membership Dues” section write “Birmingham” beside chapter and $0 in the field beside that. Your national membership sub-total will be $47.
  4. Give form to Laura Tull in BEC 219B (if she is not in her office, slide form under door or turn in to Cassandra Walker in BEC 219A).
  5. The UAB collegiate chapter requires additional dues of $15.
  6. If paying with credit card, $47 for national dues will be charged to your card. You will then need to pay $15 to Mrs. Tull in cash or check form.
  7. You can pay the entire $62 (national dues + UAB dues) to Mrs. Tull in cash or check form.
  8. All checks must be made to UAB AMA.
  9. After these steps have been completed, you are now able to participate in the members-only events and resources.

For any membership questions, please contact the VP of Membership, Hana Ajjuri, at