Happy Halloween!

It’s the BOO day of the year again!

This afternoon, AMA|UAB hosted a Halloween Party with the UAB School of Business Faculty and students. For the past few days, we had a Halloween Fundraiser event where students got to vote for one male and one female faculty member to dress up in wacky costumes at the Halloween Party. Each votes were $1, and AMA|UAB successfully raised some money from this fundraiser.

And our “winners” who got the most votes to be dressed in wacky costumes were Professor Gelber and Dr. Turnbull!

Professor Gelber and Dr. Turnbull in their wacky costumes!


Students and faculty enjoyed the entertainment from the two professors and the snacks and treats provided by AMA|UAB!

AMA|UAB wishes everyone a Happy Halloween, and don’t eat too much candy!

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