Super Bowl XLVII

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? As much as we enjoy the game, the commercials are another thing that makes Super Bowl more interesting! Read this article about the 5 Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVII! Do you agree? Which one was your favorite? Tell us!

Merry Christmas!

AMA|UAB wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Hopefully, you got done with your last minute Christmas shopping today. It’s definitely a hectic season for retailers and marketers. If you get a chance, read this article about Kmart’s Valentine’s day promotional items. Even before people finished shopping for Christmas, Kmart is thinking two steps ahead and selling […]

Best Commercials of 2012!

It’s almost December! 2012 has flown by for most of the AMA members and officers. It’s almost Christmas time, and it will be 2013 soon. Adweek has selected the 10 Best Commercials of 2012. Many brilliant ideas were shown through this year’s “most entertaining, intriguing, power, and beautiful spots.” Check out the full article on […]

Interested In Going To AMA Collegiate Conference?

Happy Thanksgiving Week! AMA|UAB has been very busy with getting ready to participate in the 35th Annual AMA International Collegiate Conference! This year’s theme of the conference is Live the Marketing Life. Last year’s conference was full of top marketers such as the CMO of Google and McDonald’s North American marketing director. There are also […]

Happy Pinning with Pinterest!

      Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share a funny Confession Ecards and a great blog I stumbled upon. Is anybody else addicted to Pinterest? Most ladies that I know are on Pinterest, and they work on different “projects” with the ideas that they get on Pinterest. Pinterest has been a great tool for […]

The Presidential Campaign And Internet Ads

  Voting for the Presidential Election 2012 is just one day away! The candidates are utilizing internet ads and video ads for their campaign this year. Total spending on internet ads are $300 million, which is a double from how much they spent in 2008. The use of video ads is now becoming not only […]


Happy Halloween!

It’s the BOO day of the year again! This afternoon, AMA|UAB hosted a Halloween Party with the UAB School of Business Faculty and students. For the past few days, we had a Halloween Fundraiser event where students got to vote for one male and one female faculty member to dress up in wacky costumes at […]

Sandy’s Getting Costly!

Hurricane Sandy is costing billions of dollars from businesses shutting down. Economists expect the storm to have an impact on the economy enough to lower the nation’s gross domestic product, which is the broadest reading of the nation’s economic activity. Also, there will be an estimation of 40-45% of property damage figure. It will be […]


AMA members working hard at the Habitat for Humanity Workday!

Marketing Week 2012 Was A Success!

AMA|UAB had a very successful Marketing Week this past week. We had a great turn out thanks to the School of Business faculty members, AMA member volunteers, and our students! Here are some pictures from Marketing Week 2012:     For more pictures and stories about Marketing Week 2012, please visit our AMA|UAB Facebook page!

Marketing Week!

2012 Marketing Week AMA Marketing Week will be this coming week-October 15 thru the 19.  We have a lot of exciting things planned this year and we need your help to make it sucessful week!  We will we need volunteers to work the events each day.  If you are interested in helping out, please e-mail […]


Milo’s Battle Over Tea

In 2002, Milo’s split into two separate companies- Milo’s Restaurant Holding LLC  and Milo’s Tea Company. As the BBJ now reports, the Milo’s fast-food chain is moving away from selling the iconic Milo’s tea. Instead of buying syrup from Milo’s Tea Company, the restaurant wants to save money by brewing the tea at each location.  […]