Happy Pinning with Pinterest!




Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to share a funny Confession Ecards and a great blog I stumbled upon.

Is anybody else addicted to Pinterest? Most ladies that I know are on Pinterest, and they work on different “projects” with the ideas that they get on Pinterest. Pinterest has been a great tool for retailers to market and share their products. It is a great way for retailers to connect with consumers, and also great for consumers to connect with other consumers. There is no doubt that Pinterest has a huge effect on consumer purchases and trends.

And here’s a cool website to check out! Pinstrosity is a blog that shows “original vs. failed attempts” Pinterest projects. It is quiet funny to see the comparison between the two because we can all agree that not all our Pinterest-inspired projects turn out as amazing as we thought.

Go check out Pinstrosity! And happy pinning on Pinterest!


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